FUNKY WORLD Challenge 2018 kicks off on September 18

Who says STAYING PREPARED has to be a boring and daunting task? It is everyone’s priority and it should!

With ever increasing unprecedented natural disasters strike around the globe, we should take this task as our priority. Join us as we kick off this fun challenge around the world as we continue to promote DISASTER PREPAREDNESS awareness.

You do not have to be a dancer or singer (seriously!) to enter this fun challenge.

All you have to do is Download our pre-made “Funky World” lyrics below and sing along for only 55 seconds, then you share to your 5 friends, brother or sister, mom and dad, colleagues, coworkers, student friends, neighbors… you get the point. Sharing is caring!

Your small donation of $5 will be super grateful!

We all want for everyone to have fun doing this! STAY PREPARED!




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