iDARE Participating Annual Shake Out 2019 | October 17 at 10:17am

2019 Annual ShakeOut:
Our goal is to save lives.
iDARE will be participating again this year through our Virtual, indoor, and outdoor activities. Dates vary because we simply believe that this drill should be practice throughout the year as many as we possibly can!
2019 is the 12th ShakeOut, which began in southern California in 2008. Participating is a great way for your family or organization to be prepared to survive and recover quickly from big earthquakes– wherever you live, work, or travel.
The Great Shakeout is an organized annual public earthquake DRILL – not a real earthquake.
The event typically takes place on the 3rd Thursday in October of each year.
The 2019 ShakeOut drill is scheduled for Thursday October 17th, 2019 – at 10:17 AM In meantime, if you have not yet assemble your disaster bags join us to Take Your 7-Days Challenge! HERE
2018 Annual ShakeOut:
iDARE has participated its annual Shake Out on October 18, 2018. We are pleased to be part of this large life saving simulation drill nationwide, along with our counterparts in Singapore, Purnama Outreach to joined us.

Last update: More than 23.1 million people around the world participated in ShakeOut on October 18. Thank you to all volunteers and those who had participated in this life-saving drill. But don’t stop there – there are many more (and simple) steps you can take to prepare to survive and recover, including the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety: The Seven Steps were organized by experts in earthquake science, preparedness, and mitigation as a step-by-step guide for staying safe before, during, and after an earthquake.

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